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Cristiotto3Cristian Migotto

Anni fa bloccavano subito il conto senza avvertimenti, se a loro avviso avevi chiuso molte operazioni brevi.
Dopo la mia lettera alla loro Compliance però qualcosa è cambiato. Adesso ti avvisato.
Qui di seguito incollo alcuni passaggi di questa mia lettera.
To the Compliance Officer
for the investment firm
Plus500UK Limited
359 Goswell Road

RE: Objection to the blocking of funds on my Plus500 account

“Can I close immediately positions at a loss?
Plus500 provides no answer to any one of these questions; as it has every
incentive not to.
To accuse of scalping those few clients able to make significant profits would
therefore seem a mere pretext to not pay what is due.”

“Moreover, until that moment I had received no prior form of observations on my
manner of operating. If the company has no appreciation for traders who are too
fast or too lucky, it should inform the interested party within a few days, and
should he/she persist in their modus operandi the company may then decide upon
terminating its relations with the given client, without however, ever blocking
their account.
I believe that an ethically correct behaviour on behalf of the broker should
foresee that an operator contact the client forewarning them that their
practices are not in alignment with company trading rules and dispositions, and
informing them that in case of reiteration of such practices operationality
will be blocked and the balance will be transferred to a bank account to be
indicated by the client.”

“Once operations have been blocked, the broker should contact the client
recalling them to a form of operating in respect of the terms of agreement
accepted or else initiate the process for final closure and transfer of funds
to a bank account registered in the client’s name.
Any other conduct on behalf of the broker is, in my opinion, punishable by the
competent control/vigilance authorities
I therefore ask that a competent officer of Plus500 contact me as soon as
possible in order to initiate the process of account closure and transfer of
funds to a bank account registered in my name.
I thank you in advance for your kind attention.
Yours sincerely,”.

Dopo la mia lettera alla loro Compliance mi avevano offerto una transazione che avevo accettato.
Oggi rifiuterei l’offerta e mi rivolgerei al Financial Ombudsman Service di Londra.